Printer Bottles

Innovative New Impres Ink Technology

Masters in the art of ink making, our specially crafted, eco-friendly water-based inks offer a wide gamut of vibrant colors, all guaranteed to Impres the most critical eye.

Impres offers two incredible, high quality, cost efficient dye-sublimation inks, uniquely formulated for Kyocera® print heads to ensure optimum printing speed, maximum jetting performance with efficient ink flow to reduce ink consumption, all while delivering, stable uniform ink coverage.

DySubli Ink


Transfer Printing

Dybrid Ink


Direct-to-Fabric or Transfer Printing

The MS Impres Soft Signage Solution comes standard with 10-liter ink tanks to provide for maximum uptime, ideal for unattended printing, to minimize inefficiencies, such as operator intervention, and to provide for lower per milliliter ink costs.